1903 - founding of  the joint-stock company "IKP" which was the forerunner of  POLYmedia.

Inż. Kazimierz Patzer was the founder of the company and managing director till 1944.

IKP delivered plans, equipment and services for the electrification of  government, military, private buildings and factories. An example: Warsaw’s Belweder. Photograph from: "Dziesięciolecie Polski Odrodzonej 1918-1928" Ilustrowany Kuryer Codzienny, Kraków. 1929

Another building electrified by IKP was the Saxon Palace containing  the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces and the Cipher Bureau. Phot. from: "Warschau" Buchverlagverlag Deutscher Osten G.M.B.H. Krakau. 1944

Switchboards installed by IKP in those days, one of Europe largest breweries -  "Haberbusch & Schiele”.

A page from the firm’s catalogue from 1930.

Segregatory z etui stosowane w okresie II Rzeczpospolitej.

The description of a patent granted to Kazimierz Patzer on the 15thth of April 1935, for an insulation system of tubes and connectors. Source: THE PATENT OFFICE OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND

The offices on Jerozolimskie Avenue were burnt by the Germans during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Business was re-established in the remaining part of the courtyard in 1945.

In the company shop’s storage facilities some of the stock survived World War II.

An electric kettle produced in the late 1960’s.

During the 50s the production of electrical devices flourished: industrial heaters; boilers and lamps.

Ski bindings suitable for cross-country, running and telemark skiing. 

One of the first ball point pens made in Poland. All its elements were manufactures at Cechowicka 4 steet, including the cartridge.  

To outer space with your compass! Such compasses were worn on leather wristwatch straps, the collection also included models with the faces of Hermaszewski and Gagarin.

Through Glasses such as these the grayness of the socialist  People’s Republic of Poland was at least a little brown...

"MOTGOSIA". Mechanical Sweeping Machine produced from the ‘70 till 1991. Still in use in many households.

1990 this artefact turned the company towards the market of custom produced advertising media. A clipboard, (advertising space underneath the transparent foil, indentation for a LOGO on the clip).

A pricelist from 1991.

Hand painted 1:1 graphic project for the box that was to contain 3D construction blocks. The said blocks are still produced at the POLY Manufacturing company today. This image was used up to the mid 90s of the XX century.

Scrabble. The first product made in the newly brought offset printing press and automatic case making (laminating) machine in 1994.

"Jurassic Park". Hand painted graphic project of the outer layer of a school folder. Folders with this image were sold in the mid 90s of the XX century.

"Harley Davidson". Hand painted graphic project of the outer layer of  a school folder. Folders with this image were sold in the mid 90s of the XX century.