Card holder and cases

Card holder and cases serve to store and present business cards and visiting cards. They may be designed according to the required „Corporate design” and may also be a suitable surface for advertising purposes.

Business card / visiting card / calling card holder come in several models and may have the form of:

  1. a display 
  2. a conference card holder
  3. a decorated card case
  4. a folder or file (ring binder).

A common form of visiting card holders is a folder containing transparent pockets, which allow viewing business cards or visiting cards from both sides.

Transparent pockets are made in our POLYmedia production facility for plastic foil welding (high frequency soft pvc foil welding). Those pockets can be binded in a soft-cover or hard-cover or clasped in a specially designed ring binder (file). This solution allows an easy segmentation of collected business cards by the use of dividers.

POLYmedia business card holders, may store, present and protect,
depending on the model, from a single business card to up to several hundred cards.

At POLYmedia we design business card holders to be suitable for cards made of 350 g/m² cardboard and hard plastic (PVC or PP sheets for example priplack).

POLYmedia card holders are designed to store all the most common business card sizes:

  • USA und GB: 3½ × 2 in (88,9 mm × 50,8 mm)
  • ISO 7810 - bank card size 85,60 mm × 53,98 mm
  • European standard 85,6 mm x 55 mm
  • Polish standard 90 mm × 50 mm

POLYmedia business card displays and cases are manufactured at POLYmedia from acrylic glass (Plexiglas), Polypropylene (PP) solid cardboard and paper laminated cardboard. 

The cover of a POLYmedia business card folder is made of one of the following.

  • cardboard covered with cloth, heavy paper, or leather (for a hardcover (hardback, hardbound))
  • PVC soft foil (two layers welded for a soft cover, two PVC layers with a cadboard core for a hardcover)
  • Polypropylene (PP) (priplack sheets)
  • Aluminium (D-BOND)
  • Solid cardboard 

A POLYmedia conference card holder is made of soft PVC foil (welded with high frequency)

POLYmedia card holders are great for companies caring for their corporate identity and corporate design. Promotion departments appreciate their surfaces as advertising carriers and collectors prize their functionality and durability.

Please do not hesitate to ask POLYmedia's experienced marketing specialists, designers and engineers, for support whilst creating a suitable business card collector for your needs.