Offset Printing
Sheet-fed offset on paper and plastic foil.

Silkscreen Printing
(Screen Printing)

Hot Foil Printing
(dye embossing, foil stamping, hot foil stamping)
Heat and pressure enables the application of pigment or metallic foil (often gold or silver) to a surface.

Blind embossing
Three-dimensional text, image or design in paper, plastic and sheet metal.

Partial UV Varnishing

Pad printing

Casemaking & Binding
(hard case, bookbinding, soft cover binding, PVC cover binding)

Plastic film lamination
Gloss and matt lamination. Print products look more attractive and are protected against dirt, moisture, wear and tear.

Index Tab Laminating
Protection of index tabs against dirt, moisture, wear and tear. Paper tabs are laminated with solid, transparent plastic membrane in various colors.

High frequency welding of PVC foil
(large formats, round table, shuttle, automatic)

CNC Engraving
(acrylic glass, aluminium, wood, plastic)

Wire Binding

Die Cutting
(metal, carton, textiles, wood, rubber, paper blocks, PP, PE, PET, PVC etc.)

High Frequency PVC Blister Packaging

Riveting, Eyeletting and Paper drilling

Concept & Creation for advertising
- photography atelier.
Fine art, advertising, packshot, portrait, fashion, technical, architectural and industrial photography. Digital and analog (Large format) photography.

Concept & Creation for advertising
- POS (POP) design

Design of point of sale (point of purchase) display stands and units. Application of hard data and proven usability principles, to develop the proper presentation of the promoted features.

Concept & Creation for advertising
- 2D Computer graphics
Pixel art and Vector graphics

DTP (Desktop-Publishing), Proofing, Separation, CTP.